Social contributionSociety 공헌



“To foster human resources who can contribute to growth of community and country”

Founded in December 1999, JEONGSAN SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION serves its purpose to take a full responsibility for giving back corporate profits to society.
The institution focuses on making educational contribution to the country, with its goal “early discovery of gifted individuals who can contribute to country’s development.”
In Cooperation with Gyenongsangnam-do provincial government, the institution started with $0.42M USD to grant scholarship to Science and Engineering students in the provincial area.
Over the last 14 years, scholarship fund has increased to $9.28M, and scholarship is now granted nationwide. As of 2021, JEONGSAN SCHOLARSHIP FOUNDATION granted over $4.0M USD to 1,848 students, and will further move forward with various scholarship works and projects.

Established 12/29/1999
Location Gimhae-daero, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do (Andong)
Purpose To return corporate profits to society / To find and foster gifted, young individuals who can contribute to national development
Fund $9.28M USD
Work Providing nationwide scholarship to university and high school students in Science and Engineering
Record $4.0M USD granted to 1,848 students (As of 2021)