Social contributionSociety 공헌


TKG fulfills its Corporate Philosophy – “To contribute to human prosperity and happiness” by giving back profits to society and its employees.
TKG preserves environmental health, engages in cultural exchange, sponsors, and shares with local communities in order to take a full Corporate Social Responsibility.

Employees are crucial corporate resources, who must given better working conditions – labor, environment, safety, and health.

TKG engages in both internal and external monitoring activities in order to offer a better workplace.

Community Service

  • Green Program

    TKG seeks places that local communities may depend on, and makes efforts to make small yet continuous positive changes to the area, preserving nature.

  • Cultural Exchange

    TKG excels to understand each culture of country it operates in, and engages in cultural exchange to spread Korean / its own unique corporate culture.

  • Sponsorship / Sharing

    TKG supports those who are in need of financial aid and scholarship among employees / local community members.

Employee activities

  • Safety Culture

    TKG strives to establish safe working environment in which each individual worker can contribute to risk management in unsafe situations or activities.

  • Employee Health Aid

    TKG supports each employee to have right health care, assuring sense of ownership to individuals.

  • Career Empowerment

    TKG offers systematic career curriculum to give each employee an opportunity to become a specific field expert.