Social contributionSociety 공헌


TKG fulfills corporate social responsibility as a transparent and correct corporate activity through wholesome corporate Governance.

We promote sustainable growth of the company by coexisting with all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, business partners, employees, the nation and society through decision-making that conforms to social ethics.


  • Vision: Ethical Management
    Creating global corporate culture
    through trust and cooperation
  • Practice Elements
    Code of Conduct
    Compliance Organization
  • Employee Spirit
    Take Pride
    Set Goals

Ethical management

TKG has an ethical management practice system for '3C' to establish ethical management that suits management's decision-making and employee behavior. In this way, we continue to practice ethical communication and ethical management with stakeholders.
External Stakeholders
  • Customers
  • Stockholders
  • Business Partners
  • Country / Society

Ethical Communication

Ethical Management Pracetice System
  • Code of Conduct
    Ethics Charter
    Code of Ethics
    Practice Guidelines
  • Compliance Organization
    Managing organization and reporting system
    internal control
    diagnosis system
  • Consensus
    Ethical management training
    social contribution

Ethical Communication

Internal Stakeholders
  • Board of directors
  • Employees
  • Field workers
  • Offshore