TKG Value System

Management Principle

We contributes to sustainable happiness
of mankind, benefitting the humanity & society
TKG thinks of the world and people as a company that creates customer values together. The ultimate goal is to contribute to the harmonious development of the future environment and humanity by creating new values with solid beliefs, creative thinking, and constant innovation.


We make a reliable and better future better future for your everyday life

To Customer

To Shareholder

To Customer / Society
  • Prepare ahead of customer expectations and build trust with the best quality. Trust is the basis of TKG.
  • We think about the healthy future of our society and environment. TKG promotes sustainability.
To Shareholder / Employee
  • Provides stable profits to shareholders by enhancing the market value of a company. TKG manages the future.
  • We aim for an organizational culture that respects the development of members. Talent is the core of TKG.