TKG will do its best to create
the greatest value in the 21st century.

TKG, which has led the future change based on the 50-year-old footwear manufacturing company <TKG TAEKWANG>, we are expanding our business fields such as fine chemistry <HUCHEMS.>, state-of-the-art new material textile company <TKG ECO MATERIAL>, Southeast Asia power plant business <TAEKWANG POWER HOLDINGS> and full-scale private golf course <JEONGSAN COUNTRY CLUB> to solidify the face of our group companies.

Group Info

Group Name TKG
CEO Group Chairman, Joo Hwan Park
Established 10/30/1971
Industry Footwear development & manufacturing/ Fine chemistry/Textiles/Power/Leisure
Employees Domestic 2,100 / Overseas 74,800
Sales $3.4B USD (Dec. 2022 Report)