TKG Value System

What does it mean to be like TKG?

TKG people take pride in working like TKG to make a better world.
The source of pride naturally melts into our DNA through the 50 years of TKG.
In the next 50 years, we will continue to move forward to practice the word TKG-like.

of Perfection
Autonomy &
Challenge for
the Future
Fair & Safe

Pursuit for Perfection

TKG people set high standards on their own and constantly strive to achieve them.

Quality is the basis of our products and services, and we ask ourselves for standards that exceed customer expectations and do not compromise with quality.

TKG people constantly ask and answer if there is a better way.

Providing surprise to customers with perfect quality and innovative technology is our source of pride.

Ownership & Accountability

TKG people work with a sense of ownership under their own responsibility.
TKG People find and implement ways to give meaning to their own goals and take the lead in achieving them.

Each TKG people is a key link to performance creation and a top expert in achieving TKG vision. With a sense of ownership in his/her job, he/she challenges and grows up to create the future of TKG himself/herself.

Challenge for the Future

TKG people always explore differentiated ways to break away from existing customs.

In order to overcome past success and surpass current competitors, it is possible when you have differentiated competitiveness by breaking away from existing management methods or customs.

The determination that TKG people can challenge without fear arises when they are together.

Innovation begins with a challenge, and the belief that working together can solve it is the first step in the challenge.

Communication for Growth

TKG people demonstrate teamwork to create common results and prioritize horizontal communication with each other.
TKG People communicate with customers, partners, headquarters, and overseas subsidiaries with an open mind.

Communication is the basis for a community that shares information with each other based on empathy that respects the positions of various stakeholders to discover new values and create a fair environment.

Fair & Safe Workplace

TKG people recognize and treat each other personally as the subject of performance and value creation.

The process starts with the recognition of difference and is realized when treating each member personally.

TKG people start work by checking safety first.

Safety is a corporate social responsibility, and TKG people always put safety first.