Greeting Message

TKG will move forward
to the big dream with
our partners and the world.
TKG has been working hard day by day with the intention of creating the best company in the world. It was all about the belief that we could say that we had, the courage to face challenges, and the spirit of challenge that was not afraid of change.

Although there have been many changes in the business environment and company size since the company was founded, TKG’s basic spirit has consistently maintained its place. Human-centered, all of TKG’s business areas are tailored to protecting people, making life more convenient and enriching their lives. We have endeavored not only for our customers but also for the hope and happiness of each member.

TKG will not stop and will continue to take on new challenges. Regardless of the glory of the past, we consider greater hope for the future more important.

A 100-year-old company that every company dreams of, but not every company can achieve!
TKG will move towards the big dream together with our partners and the world.
TKG Chairman Joo Hwan Park