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Took the lead in the development of power generation projects around the world, starting with ‘NAM DINH Thermal Power Plant project in Vietnam in 2008

TAEKWANG POWER HOLDINGS, taking the lead in the development of global power generation projects, starting with the NAM DINH Thermal Power Plant project in Vietnam in 2008. TAEKWANG POWER HOLDINGS specializes in developing projects in Korea with high skillsets, technological capabilities, and challenging themselves in each fields.

Based on global network, we have built a successful model for the power generation business by comprehensively combining project development, financing, operation, maintenance (O&M), and are expanding our business areas to various fields such as project operation, management, and green energy development.
For successful business, we will build a global operation system and risk management system, train core manpower based on efficient management resources, and strengthen our business expertise to become a global leading company in its field.

Established 9/7/2008
Location HQ : Central Queens Road 16-18, HongKong Office : Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul / Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam Plant : Hai Hou County, Nam Dinh Province, Vietnam
Industry Coal thermal power
Area 1,200MW(600MW X 2)
Employees 20
Sales $25M USD
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