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Business Complex Development

Project Summary
  • Owner
    TMTC industrial Complex Development Co., Ltd.
  • Location
    Mok Bai, Tay Ninh, Vietnam, 1,320,000㎡
    ※ including 240,000㎡ Hientan Lot
  • Industry
    Establishment of Industrial Complex (Including Dying)
  • Operation Period
    50 years (9/2009 ~ 8/2059)
  • 2015
    Acquisition of provincial government policy approval, construction commenced
  • 2016
    Begin of sale and completion of construction
  • 2017
    Initiation of industrial complex operation / sale rate 71% (as of 2021)
  • $55M USD (Dyeing Complex and wastewater treatment plant)
Return of Investment
  • Procure large number of companies due to high scarcity

Tourism Complex Development

Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam
  • The largest island in the southwest of Vietnam (Pearl Island)
  • With north-south terrain, 22 annexed islands, 99 small mountains, and a 49km long beach. The total area is 593,050,000㎡
Vietnam Government Phu Quoc Development Plan
  • Plan to create a world-class tourist attraction by attracting investment in finance, tourism, service, hotel, and casino business
  • Building/expanding basic infrastructure such as airports, ports, and power
  • Attracted investments in more than 200 projects and 112 of them obtained business licenses.
Vietnam Government's Request/Cooperation
  • Request for construction of a technical school that combines practice and learning to nurture professional human resources according to the Phu Quoc development plan
Scale: 1,034,000㎡
  • 1/500 section approval completed
  • In progress of necessary compensation
Business in progress
  • Villa construction and sale
  • Health care business (attracting stem cell research center, etc.) - Development of hotels, resorts, and commercial service districts (beach)
푸꾸옥섬 복합관광단지 Aeroview푸꾸옥섬 복합관광단지 Aeroview

Real Estate Development

  • Aeroview
    Development of Dai Pian Eco-Tourism City Area
  • Summary
    Villa/Apartment/Commercial-residential building, 340,000㎡
  • To attract and obtain VIP members
    Best River-view
  • Investment
    $92M USD
  • Aeroview
    Nyeonchak residential development
  • Summary
    Twin Dyeing Building Industrial Complex (55a and floor wastewater) external treatment plant 60,000㎡
  • Feature
    First to obtain residential land development business license in Dong Nia province among foreign investors
  • Investment
    $550M USD