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Achieves a breakthrough LEAN production management

TKG TAEKWANG MOC BAI is located in Vietnam's MOC BAI Special Economic Zone at Tay Ninh Province which has created more than 16,000 jobs and recorded $220M USD annual sales. This facility is the 3rd oversea factory from TKG, achieved a breakthrough LEAN production control from the beginning and positioned itself as a major player in the shoe development industry.

Under the vision of established leadership in manufacturing capabilities, TKG TAEKWANG MOC BAI aims to provide value and trust to our shareholders and customers by leading the footwear industry to a better stage.

Established 09/18/2009
Location Moc Bai Special Economic Zone, Tay Ninh, Vietnam
Industry Shoe Manufacturing
Area Site (243,097㎡), Structure (136,408㎡)
Employees 8,029
Sales $1,090M USD