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Optimizing energy efficiency through eco-friendly design

TKG TAEKWANG INDONESIA, located in Subang County from West Java which is about 130km west of Jakarta, was established in 2011 to manufacture Nike footwear.

Since its full-scale of production from 2013, TKG TAEKWANG INDONESIA has played as an essential affiliation in the growth of TKG group through continuous expansion of capacity.

With operating more than 30 production lines, the factory has increased their capacity up to 570K pairs/week, early adopted stabilization of new lines and productivity improvement through LCA, acquired quality innovation reinforcement through TPM activation, and also improved productivity through MES implementation. TKG TAEKWANG INDONESIA is continuously improving productivity and quality through extensive local competency and laying the groundwork to serve as a future core production base that will empower TKG group's growth.

Established 11/09/2011
Location Subang, West Java, Indonesia
Industry Shoe Manufacturing
Area Site (443,996㎡), Structure (312,572㎡)
Employees 30,500
Sales $309M USD