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A company that has been dedicated to the footwear industry for 50 years.

Starting with Jeongil Industrial in 1971, TKG TAEKWANG has been on the sole path of the shoe industry for 50 years based on its best technology and grown into the best footwear company that leads the industry as a partner of Nike which is a world-class sports brand.

TKG TAEKWANG has been producing and supplying Nike's finest running shoes to the world through continuous technology development and quality innovation since it was found.

TKG TAEKWANG has expanded its technology-oriented management and strengthened its competitiveness through leading technology development such as introducing the industry's first CAD / CAM system, establishing CNC mold factory, ISDS, and digital design as well as invested $20M USD to implement a company-wide resource management system (ERP) to maximize the efficiency of production in order to support operations by providing accurate information on production in all processes and departments in real time.

Established 10/30/1971
Location Andong, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
Industry Shoe Development / Manufacturing / Mold Design
Area Site(33,432㎡), Structure(47,485㎡)
Employees Korea (1,100), Overseas (90,000)
Sales $2,001M USD
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