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The world’s top 3 maker of Polybutene-1

As one of the world's three largest manufacturers of Polybutene-1, YLEM TECHNOLOGY has been genuinely producing eco-friendly raw materials for heating system since April, 2009 promoting highest quality and customer-first principle as its corporate philosophy. Unlike other plastic products, Polybutene-1 is an eco-friendly material that is innocuous to human body, which is applied as a key material for heating pipes on hot water supply, food storage, films, and other applications.

YLEM TECHNOLOGY leads the market with ethical management and an enterprising spirit of challenge in order to maximize benefits to customers and shareholders through strong management innovation and sustainable new technology development.

YLEM TECHNOLOGY assures to reciprocate trust and sincerity to our customers by preserving people and the nature as priority.

Established 12/30/2003
Location Main Office: Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Factory : Sandanjungang-ro, Yeosu-si, Jeonnam
Industry Polybutene-1 (3rd development in the world)
Area Site (8,229㎡), Structure(1,445㎡)
Employees 38
Sales $26.1M USD
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