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Complex fertilizer company with annual production of 360,000 tons

KVF is researching various types of NPK fertilizers utilizing chemical expertise from HUCHEMS CO., LTD and TKG TAEKWANG’s business knowhow to continuously satisfy the diversified needs of the global market.

The company aims to produces superior quality of eco-friendly products based on global standard process, abiding the nature and environment first as a member of the Vietnamese agricultural industry, KVF is constantly striving for eco-friendly research and development so that our future generations can lead for more sustainable and healthier life.

Established 05/21/2015
Location Main office : Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
Factory : Hiep Phuoc, Hochiminh, Vietnam
Industry Fertilizer (NPK)
Area Site (87,897㎡), Structure (40,650㎡)
Employees 115
Sales $50M USD