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New value to energy conservation!

AEROGEL KOREA participated as an initial investor in ASPEN AEROGELS from the United States back in 2002 and signed an exclusive domestic supply contract to supply Aerogel blankets at the same time.

The company supplies products demonstrating up to 5 times more thermal on performance than existing general-purpose products with an excellent insulation and water repellent technology even applying more thinner structure than conventional insulations, AEROGEL KOREA products are cost effective, thermostable and practical which enables the needs of customers and rapidly expand on its market shares.

As a leader in energy management, AEROGEL KOREA anticipates to provide energy management solutions to energy problems that have recently become a big topic in the world, with our belief that energy conservation is another value of energy production.

Established 12/23/2003
Location Toegye-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
Industry Aerogel high tech new material insulation
주요시공 Lotte Advanced Materials, Hanwha Chemical, Green Cross, Lotte Chemical
Employees 8
Sales $6.0M USD
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